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What do wedding stationery and small business branding have in common? That the details matter! 

At With Love Daily Designs, I have a serious love for nailing the details. Whether you are a photographer, a florist,

a massage therapist, a woodworker, or any other small business owner that's passionate about their business,

With Love Daily Designs is the branding partner for you.

Are you a small business looking to rebrand or start the branding process? 

What's Included?

I offer a range of small business branding packages to support your unique business branding needs. And just like our stationery design process, you can rely on our modern, thoughtful approach to telling your business’s story.

Custom packages are also available and heavily encouraged, as every type of business needs something a little bit different.

Package 1

  • Main Logo

  • Branding Board (logo, fonts, color palette)

Package 2

  • Main Logo

  • Favicon/Submark

  • Branding Board (logo, favicon/submark, fonts, color palette)

Package 3

  • Main Logo

  • Favicon/Submark

  • Variation Logo

  • Design Elements

  • Branding Board (logo, favicon/submark, variation logo, designs elements, fonts, color palette)

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